• Cmausar Ausarcm a man who always makes time to give me a message that cause me to think so deep, that I have to go within for the answer. And a teacher who is not confident, but is CONVINCED when he speaks about the message he brings.

    Sir Rob
    Worker in the healthcare.

  • Cmausar Ausarcm is one of the most inspiring and optimistic person I’ve come to know. Whenever I have a difficult and challenging day , he helps me view each negative aspect of my day into a positive one. Going to RN school full time and also working full time gets super challenging, however with the help I receive from Cmausar Ausarcm I’m learning and implementing taking each day as a gift , and I’m developing a more positive outlook on life. Thank you Cmausar Ausarcm.

    Jennifer B.
    Upcoming RN

  • Cmausar Ausarcm is a great spiritual being. I’ve learnt so much from the teachings of CMAUSAR AUSARCM. Learning the right technique of visualization and meditation, I have become a conscious co creator in this material world. These teachings also thought me to trust the universe and keep natural laws which is the foundation of escaping the difficulties of life. Thank you Cmausar Ausarcm

    Emma Guzman
    RN supervisor Kiser

  • Cmausar Ausarcm is full of knowledge pertaining to life and Godliness, ask him any questions and he will not only give you the answer, with explication even a child can understand. Very professional and caring making sure you properly understand a topic before moving on thank you Cmausar Ausarcm.

    Elaine Solmiano
    RN supervisor

  • Cmausar Ausarcm is a great spiritual teacher who helped me , and so many people stand stronger in their spiritual growth and evolution. It was a great experience meeting Cmausar Ausarcm you will not be disappointed.

    Christian Bosah
    Aspiring pastor.

  • Through the teachings of CMAUSAR AUSARCM, I’m practicing using the energy of colors and knowing the significance they have on our daily lives. I have learned and is still learning to reprogram my mind and by doing so recreating my life. I’m learning how the energy of the planets affects us, and keeping true to natural laws. With this knowledge comes a sense of trust that no matter how my circumstances may appear I know I will be taken care of by the unseen hands that governs and guild all things, this alone is a beautiful feeling. I’m much more confident making decisions knowing I’m never alone, for this new abundance in all aspects of my life, for this I’m truly grateful. Thank you Cmausar Ausarcm.

    Marjan Azimi

  • Cmausar Ausarcm is a spiritual leader who continually strives to encourage a sense of significance and interconnectedness among everyone he comes in contact with. His positive outlook on life and the energy he radiates is what makes the teachings more notable.

    Dragon Wenwes
    Rn and Expecting Father

  • Meeting Cmausar Ausarcm I’ve come to appreciate life in all it’s forms, especially in the birds my girlfriend and I rescue, and protect from the harshness of reality.

    Randall Boyd

  • With the guiding words of Cmausar Ausarcm, I feel more enlightened and in tune with my spiritual nature.


  • An extremely positive and Energetic soul. And adept in knowledge regarding the mind, body, and soul.

    Steven Rojas

  • Cmausar Ausarcm is a shining light , a motivator and a positive uplifter to mankind.

    Jide Johnson
    MHW Healthcare Services